Hi, this is ꓷ:O⅄IHↃ at Tokyo.
I’m an organizer of Tokyo Workcation Club.

Although the promotion of Japanese government “Go To Travel” had been started, we, who live in Tokyo, where many people are infected with COVID-19, were not eligible.

In October 1st, 2020, at last we are able to participate it, but the reality is that many people are confused.

Some people in the countryside don’t want people in Tokyo to come.

Some people hesitate to go to Tokyo, where there are many infected people.

Of course, many people will welcome us, but I feel that we need a little more time.

We’re just waiting “Welcome To Travel” around Japan.

So we decided to enjoy the inside and around of Tokyo.

I will try an experience like the countryside, as staying in Tokyo.

Workcation is getting a lot of attention in Japan, but most of the reports are rural plans.

I think it’s not true.
The most suitable workcation can do in Tokyo.

So I will prove it🙂