[IMCJP Cityscape] Unknown Japan in Known Japan

With our feelings of gratitude🙏 (Created using Google Translate. We are planning to correct it to proper English later.)/日本語は下にあります

Previous InstaMEET #IMCJP_Mirrors
A valley in Tokyo. Just as the theme of #UnknownJapan.

And, this time.
They said that we will walk from Shimbashi station to Tokyo station via Ginza.
The distance from Shimbashi station to Tokyo station is about 2 km.
It is less than 3 km distance that even if we will walk via Ginza.

Is the theme of this time “Known Japan”?
No, of course not.
This theme is also “Unknown Japan”.

IMCJP Instagram
Hashtag for this event

Grandpa of instax チェキ(checkit)

Hai shot the picture of Gakkun(がっくん) by Fuji Instax 500 AF.
It is almost 20 years old.
But it was new to the great photographer of the future.
Gakkun threw his smartphone and carried an instant photo.

It was popular among members.
It became a wonderful prop of this amazing photo.

Nakagin Capsule Tower

One of the famous buildings that Kisho Kurokawa designed.

We can own the rooms.
But it is hard to buy.
Many people who own do not sell.
Even if they will sell, it will be is expensive.
There were times when we could buy it cheaper in the past.
But we can rent in the 60,000yen range per month.

Thank you, Herman🙏
We like your amazing BW photos😊👍👍👍


Not a cold drink.
Fish soup stock for Udon, Somen, Soba, Tofu, etc.
7-fold dilutio.

Vending machines of soup stock are unusual in Japan.
The company of Hiroshima are selling them all over Japan.
Did you notice that the bottle contains genuine dried fish?


It means “Heaven of walkers”.
It must have been “Heaven of IMCJP members”📷
Congestion of a car in Ginza on weekdays is awfully clogged
But every Sunday there is no car at all😄


銭湯(Sento) = Public bath house
Kazuhiko will sometimes disappear.
He found the interesting spot on another street.
Some day, how about to try the Japanese style FURO?
Konparuyu is tattoo OK, and low price.


Tap water of Tokyo.
We can use the water server by our empty plastic bottle (350ml/500ml).
Free and cold water comes out!!
This is a great service👍

Do you know these in Japan?

This Cityscape is CityESCAPE😍
We can take a break here that we feel resort without spending money.

Chiyoko and Kazuhiko are Japanese, and Kazuhiko have been living in Tokyo over 45 years since he was born.
But we didn’t know, or we have not seen.

Just as the theme of “#UnknownJapan”.

This hashtag was organized by Instagram and Japanese government.
Its purpose is to convey the unknown Japanese charm to the world.
An exhibition was held in March this year (2018).

The exhibition hall was TIF (Tokyo International Forum) that we visited on this day.

What was your surprise?

We are often surprised by IMCJP InstaMEET.
There were lots of surprises besides these.

Perhaps the way we enjoy the InstaMEET may be slightly different from many members.
We are enjoying surprise.

To discover Japan that we did not notice.
To study English and global thinking.

One IMCJP InstaMEET has many amazing surprise.
The biggest surprise of this time is not 3 km but walked more than 11 km😅 haha


英語で力尽きるので、今回から日本語は簡単に… (^-^;;
もし分からないところとか、知りたいところがあれば、お気軽に聞いてください (^-^)/




皆さん、ありがとうございました m(_ _)m: Please share to the world🙏