With our feelings of gratitude🙏 (Created using Google Translate. We are planning to correct it to proper English later.)/日本語は下にあります

Previous InstaMEET #IMCJP_Cityscape
Walking from Shimbashi station to Tokyo station via Ginza. Just as the theme of #UnknownJapan.

And, this time.
They said that we will go to the little-known beach on the Miura Peninsul.

Chiyoko and Kazuhiko may go by car.
Maybe the destination seems to be secret.
The only clue is this message.
“We’ll be getting off at Misakiguchi Station 三崎口駅 then taking a short bus ride.”

What should we do?
We decided to use CPS navigation instead of a GPS.

IMCJP Instagram
Hashtag for this event

CPS = Chiyoko Positioning System

“CPS!!! 😂😂” – by Jessicaさん

Chiyoko went by train with you, Kazuhiko went by car alone.
Chiyoko showed Kazuhiko the location by Facebook live.


CPS is application of CR.
Of course, the meaning of CR is not PACHINKO(*).
PACHINKO (パチンコ) is Japanese gambling machine.
Many Japanese people hear CR and think of PACHINKO.
CR is the name of system for using prepaid card (Card Reserve or Card Reader).
So if there are Japanese who are talking about CR, they may be gamblers.

CR = Chiyoko’s Report

We are making this blog.
The theme is gratitude.
We will express gratitude to wonderful person we met by Chiyoko’s Report.
Blog posts for one person (One group).

But recently, it has changed a bit.
My friends who saw our blog got interested in IMCJP InstaMEET.
So this time, we wanted to show our friends the wonderfulness of IMCJP InstaMEET by using Facebook LIVE.
Of course, IMCJP members who could not come today!


Especially Mr. Oe of Toyama who came before.
Especially Mr. Katsumi of Niigata who could not come this time.

Our way to tell thank you to Members on the day

We wanted to see the setting sun.
Because, the members on the day had to go home before sunset.
We wanted to show them the setting sun.

We think that the members took photos of a sunset if they have time.
Like the past IMCJP InstaMEETs.


We wish this video become the hints for taking amazing photos on their next visiting.
If it is more sunny, Mt. Fuji can be seen in the lower left of the sun.
We were surprised to hear from local people.

Thank you for every one🙏🙏🙏

Thank you for Notes of Nomads

This time, we delivered to our friends live.
Not only InstaMEET, we think your activities are wonderful.
We would like to have more Japanese people know about your wonderful activities.

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ハイさん、ジェシカさん、メンバーの皆さん、好き勝手にライブさせていただいてしまい、すみませんでした m(_ _)m






あと、クルマで来る場合は、油壷のバス停のところの市営駐車場が安くて良いんですが、この日の和彦は停めるまでに2時間以上かかってたんで、繁忙期は相当早く向かわないと大変です (^-^;;