Instameet is an instagram shooting meeting.
April was held on April 30th in Golden week.
Instameet Community JP: April 2018 (Close Focus)

Everyone walks around the park and takes pictures.
The theme is “Close Focus” closeup.

I am studying English.
I write this sentence in Google Translate.
Next time I will see you, teach English to chiyoko.
The goal is to be able to speak and write English on my own.
↑↑ This is also Google translation.

Saitama Prefecture Hidaka City. “kinchakuda manjushage Koen”
The nearest station is “koma”.
The nearby river is also called “Koma River”.
In front of the station, this red colossal big pillar “Chansun” of this “天下大将軍” and “地下女将軍”It is standing. Please look up.

Everyone walked 15 minutes and reached the park.
As the Koma river flows like it wraps roundly, the shape inside of it is similar to “Kinchaku” so it came to be called “Kinchakuda”.
Because it was a long holiday, Golden week, it was crowded with families. The parking lot was also full of cars.

A big red bridge! As I climb it, I can look down on the river.
But I was tired after walking for a while to climb.
I could not afford to wield everyone. Because you have to go back to the way that came. They move while taking a picture.

There are many tents on the river side, and a lot of families are playing barbecue and river.
It is shooting after eating lunch. It smells good from the tent.
The children played in the water, swam and fished.
Children’s frolic appearance seems to be summer vacation.

This theme is “closeup” “Close Focus”.
Everyone crawls, goes by, takes pictures using the camera.

People who take trees. People who take pictures of insects. Some people are taking a picture with a tripod.

There were horses. He ate grass for ever and kept going forward.

When we visited, cherry blossoms, rape blossoms ended and green was beautiful.
Ajisai紫陽花 in June. In the autumn is kosumos秋桜.
And in autumn, the famous, bright red manjushage曼珠沙華 blooming, filled with tourists.
Bright manjushage曼珠沙華 is a very shiny, popular shooting spot.

All the members took a group photo and moved.
Watching aquatic plants and small fish with a biotope. Taking flowers and taking water wheels.
Everyone enjoyed taking a picture of the jump.

It cloudy in the afternoon, but the flowers swaying in the wind were beautiful.

In the vicinity, there is an old private house of a registered tangible cultural property of the country (Old Arai family residence) that can be visited.
It was also used for television shooting, the Emperor and Empress also visited last year.
There was a big carp streamer, and we took it with everyone.

I uploaded the picture we took to Instagram.

I took it with SonyQX100.

I took it in Boomerang and made it monochrome.

A dog while taking a walk. Everyone was filming when it was cute.

Instameet Community JP: April 2018 (Close Focus)
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Instameet Community JP: April 2018 (Close Focus)
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【Instagram】インスタミート 新緑の巾着田万曼珠沙華公園で「Close Focus」